This Guy’s Had It Rough, But He Finally Has A Family


The dog was guarding his owner’s home and began barking at some trespassers. The trespassers reacted to the dog’s barking by cutting off his nose.
He was no longer useful as a guard dog so his owner abandoned him.
The dog was left to roam the streets.
Anubis was able to get enough food to survive thanks to the charity of a local animal rescue group called the Animal Protection Foundation.
Then, an American group called SNARR stepped in.

SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) relocated Anubis to America with the hope that they could find him a forever home.
It was a long journey.

Anubis traveled from Cairo to New York by plane, and then from New York to Texas by car. On the way, he stopped in several states and enjoyed the hospitality of SNARR’s volunteers.
Finally, Anubis wound up in Texas.

SNARR was able to secure a six month foster home for him with a family that owns another special needs animal, a blind dog.

But there is good reason now to believe that this foster home will end up being Anubis’ forever home.


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